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Short game description

Call Of Looty is a fun game that gives users the opportunity to relive their childhood games ìhide and seekî and ìrobbers and policeî.

The game is purely multiplayer based and can be played locally or remotely. The players are split up into two rivalling teams, robbers and police.

While the goal of the robber is to steal certain objects, policemen must catch them if they can.

To help the players in achieving their goal, different items were placed in the map that can either help your team or harm the opponents.


Lukas Gregori
Lukas Plechinger
Thorsten Ruprechter
Klemens Strasser
Nicole Weidinger


Unity (Development and Networking)



  • The Hero Steps Up by Dougie Wood
  • Witchy Britches by RW Smitch
  • Bump in the Night - Supernatural Haunting by Kevin MacLeod
  • Garden Walk by Jingle Punks
  • Skipping through the Orchestra Pit by Peter Gresser
  • Sounds: freesounds.org
  • Assets & textures: Unity Asset Store


Call of Looty Mac
Call Of Looty Windows

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